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We advise and accompany members in order to provide efficient and professional work systems. What are they?


Advice from the field and throughout the production process
From the field and throughout the production process, we offer comprehensive technical advice to help the preparation of the technical bulletin, in compliance with the rules of integrated production, the preparation of the field notebook and the processing of all government aid (PAC). The agricultural production technical team works to manage the land of our members to reduce costs and optimize operations.
The Insurance Agency Actel Group manages the contracting of agroseguro agricultural insurance
ActelGrup's Insurance Centre manages the contracting of Agroseguro agriculture insurance and, in addition, all associated, family and cooperative workers are offered all kinds of insurance products with the spirit of always offering the best solution and personalized attention.
ActelGroup provides its partners with all the needs
ActelGrup provides its members with all the necessities so that they can develop their professional work with success and confidence. In this regard, it works in the market as a large purchasing centre for seeds, fertilizers, plant protection products and fuels. The large concentration of purchases allows the ActelGrup to be the main distributor of large brands within the agricultural sector and therefore offer the best price of the products to its members.